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Welcome to the Department of Modern Languages!

The Department of Modern Languages at Ohio University offers a complete series of courses leading to a bachelor’s degree (with or without teaching certification) in French, German, Spanish, and Russian. Courses are also taught in beginning and intermediate Italian and Portuguese.

The diverse course offerings embrace all aspects of language, literature, and culture, including: reading, conversation, composition, language for business purposes, language for journalism majors (French), civilization, phonetics, stylistics, dramatic performance, methods of language teaching, audiovisual techniques, film, and the opportunity for study abroad, independent study and internships.

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“The Department of Modern Languages: A Bicentennial History”

Students can benefit from the many services available in the Language Resource Center, located in 115 Gordy Hall. The lab features an outstanding selection of language audiovisual materials. Language students have access to computer labs that feature Apple iMacs with Internet and DVD/CD-Rom capabilities. A wide selection of language software and multimedia applications is available as well.

Almost all language classes are taught in the completely renovated and expanded Gordy Hall. The Ohio Program of Intensive English (OPIE) and the Linguistics Department are also located here.

Please note that the Office of Education Abroad is now located in the Walter International Education Center.

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Studying Abroad at Ohio University 1967-2009