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Carolyn White (Spanish): This past Spring, I presented the research I completed in the General Archive of the Indies in Sevilla and the National Library in Madrid at the Creativity and Research Fair at OHIO. This presentation discussed the historical pattern of authoritarianism, adulation, and racial prejudices in the Dominican Republic. My sources span from the primary documents I found in Spain, which exemplify colonial communication between the Catholic Kings and the island, to 21st century literature reflecting upon the Trujillo dictatorship. This range of perspectives provides an intriguing view of the prominent characteristics of the “Dominican Identity”, which I will be discussing in my Senior Thesis.


Alicia Buckenmeyer (Spanish): Writing a senior thesis was one of the most rewarding experiences of my undergraduate career. In order to complete it, I had to dedicate myself to the project, research in depth, write multiple drafts, handle suggestions, and manage time responsibly. The thesis provided many interesting opportunities like corresponding with the Paraguayan author (Ester de Izaguirre) of the novel about which I wrote my thesis. I presented portions of my literary analysis at the Ohio Latin Americanist Conference and here, at the Ohio University Research & Creativity Fair. Creating presentations and sharing my thoughts with others helped me organize my ideas, gain confidence in my knowledge and creativity, and maintain excitement for the year-long project.

 Nicky Re (French): With funding from the PURF, I flew to Provence, France in March 2009 to conduct research for my HTC Undergraduate French Thesis. My thesis focuses on Occitan, a regional language spoken in the south of France, and the current measures that are being taken to promote and maintain its usage today. I spent two weeks in the cities of Orange, Avignon, Montpellier, and Marseille interviewing six Occitan speakers who work with different organizations that focus on encouraging the use of the language in the region.  My interviewees included the president of an association of schools that teach subjects exclusively in Occitan and a writer that has a weekly Occitan-language column in the French newspaper La Marseillaise.