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Translator for Exchange Program

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

During the last week of July, Tatiana Argüello worked as a translator with two Chilean artists that visited Passion Works Studio in Athens.This was a cultural exchange between two programs aimed to use art creation as a medium of expression for artists with developmental disabilities. According to Tatiana this was a wonderful personal experience since she met very creative people who enjoy making  and value art works.


Recent Spanish MA graduate, Alicia Miklos, was selected to be a lectora in Ciudad Real with the Universidad de Castilla– laMancha. Alicia will hold an English teaching position for the academic year of 2009-10. ¡Felicidades, Alicia!


Dr. José (Pepo) Delgado has been awarded the Jeanette Grasselli Brown Faculty Teaching Award in the Humanities for 2008-09. The Department of Modern Languages is proud to showcase our many outstanding teachers who have received this recognition over the years beginning in 1991. Lois Vines (1991), Karen Evans-Romaine (2001), Molly Morrison (2002), David Burton (2003), Betsy Partyka (2004), Carole Cloutier (2006) Herta Rodina (2007).

Please join us in honoring Pepo Delgado at the annual Faculty Welcome and Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, Sept. 15, 4-6pm in the Baker Center Ballroom!

 Beatrice Giannandrea, a professor at OU Zanesville with a PhD from Florida International University, has just published a book entitled: Literatura y pintura en elcostumbrismo argentino ,siglo XIX.The text explores the world of “costumbrismo” in the Rio de la Plata region through the eyes of 19thCentury European travelers, writers and painters.