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sathe-1 Congratulations to Nik Sathes for being awarded the Max Kade Prize for the Best Article in the Journal of Austrian Studies for the year 2014 (Issue 48). Of the 20 articles published last year, the Editorial Board unanimously chose Nik’s as the best. The  article is titled: “Just in Time: Erwin Wagenhofer’s Appropriation of the Classical Western Genre in Black Brown White (2011)” and it appeared in the Journal of Austrian Studies (47.4, 2014) p 39-64.    

During the 2015 International Street Fair Organización Latinoamericana (OLA) commemorated the event with a series of community engaging activities. The table for OLA was divided into three main sections:

1) Handmade crafts made by a local artist and artists from Brazil, Ecuador and Guatemala. Some of the proceeds were destined for future OLA events.

2) Another section of the table had the flags of all the Latin American countries for children to paint and learn about where the country is located, its capital city, inhabitants, etc.

3) The last section of the table involved face painting.

The participation of OLA in the 2015 International Street Fair reinforced the organization’s purpose of existence, which is to strengthen the understanding Latin America through the promotion of its diverse cultures.



Hosted by the Russian Program and Russian Club

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