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Natural Beauty: Valley of the Gods by Maximilian Schmitz (Salzburg)

Moments: Untitled (Hangglider at Consuegra) by Suzy Aftabizadeh (Toledo)

Cityscapes: The Cathedral of St Basil the Blessed by Lucas Bourgeois (Russia)

Crowd Favorite: Street Art on the Rue Génissieu by Alma Djalali-Gomez (Grenoble)

There were four categories for this year’s Study Abroad Photo Contest: Natural Beauty, Moments, Cityscapes and Crowd Favorite.

Maximilian Schmitz took the Natural Beauty category with “Valley of the Gods,” a photo taken in Salzburg.

Suzy Aftabizadeh won the Moments category with her untitled photo of a hangglider at Consuegra in Toledo.

Lucas Bourgeois’ photo “The Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed” in Russia won the Cityscapes category.

Alma Djalali-Gomez’s photo, “Street Art on the Rue Génissieu,” taken in Grenoble, won crowd favorite.

The Department of Modern Languages thanks all who participated in this year’s contest and extends a special congratulations to all of our winners.