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The Department of Modern Languages offers professional development opportunities for World Language Teachers


Summer 2017:

PCOE 5900: Let them talk! Integrating culture, language and the three modes of communication.

Class description

The three modes of communication inherently imply the implementation of an integral, meaningful and communicative approach to teaching and are equally important in the development of communicative competence. For this, the implementation of unrehearsed interactive communication tasks is very important. After an overview of concepts, this class will promote active participation by exploring a variety of issues including: how to move from oral practice to oral communication where the learner takes an active role that goes beyond responding to the teacher’s questions; how to provide opportunities for students to use the language in meaningful interaction and to negotiate meaning in real contexts;  how to integrate multiple competencies and understand that the three modes of communication (interpersonal, interpretive and presentational) encompass all aspects of communicative competence, how to integrate language proficiency and cultural competence. In the second part of the class, the participants will collaborate to build on the approaches discussed to adapt, develop, and create learning opportunities for their students to increase target language use and develop integral lesson plans. These lessons will be shared and participants will leave with completely developed plans for use in their own classrooms.

Class Overview

(Schedule subject to change) 

Day 1
  • What are competencies? Developing Multiple Competencies. The Canale & Swain model.
  • What is Culture?
  • Challenges of Culture Teaching and Learning: Culture as the backbone of your lesson
  • Can we get “Interpersonal”? Enhancing Interpersonal Mode in the Classroom 
Day 2
  • Defining Objectives for Language and Culture Teaching
  • What is there to “interpret” if there is no Culture? Enhancing Interpretative Mode in the Classroom
  • Language Proficiency and Intercultural Competence
Day 3
  • Pedagogical Models for Integrating Different Modes of Communication
  • Topics, Texts and Tasks for a cohesive integration of Language and Culture
  • “Present and they will follow” Modeling Presentational Mode
  • The 5K3M lesson plan: Five skills+three modes.
Day 4
  • Techniques for Designing Integrated Lessons
  • Let’s Get to work: Develop your own 5K3M Lesson Plans.  










  The Facilitators 

Barbara Reichenbach, M.A.

Barbara Reichenbach, M.A.

Barbara Reichenbach is a Senior Lecturer with 48 years of teaching experience on the K-12 and post-secondary levels. She has taught high school French and Spanish. At Ohio University, Barb serves as supervisor/advisor of our World Language Education teaching candidates. She teaches intermediate and advanced levels of Spanish and World Language Methodology. She has presented numerous workshops at OFLA, Central States and at Pennsylvania and New York State World Language Association Conferences.

Muriel Gallego, Ph.D.

Muriel Gallego, Ph.D.

Dr. Muriel Gallego is an Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics-Spanish, she also serves as Language Program Director for Spanish and as Teaching Assistant coordinator. Muriel teaches undergraduate and graduate level courses in Theories of Language Acquisition, Language Teaching, Language in Contact, and Hispanic Sociolinguistics. She has presented her research nationally and internationally and has published several articles. She has facilitated several workshops for novice teachers and has led the development of the College of Arts and Sciences “Graduate Teaching Certificate”


 June 5 to June 8 


OU-Lancaster campus (Brasee Hall Room 411)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is this intensive class?

This graduate-level  class will be 4 days, from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Participants will register for 2 graduate credit hours.

The workshop is listed as PCOE 5900, call number 7129 (section 103) 

Can anybody apply?

This class is intended for World Language teachers (7-12) in the state of Ohio. However, anybody who is interested in obtaining graduate credit and/or enhancing teaching skills is encouraged to apply.

Is this class for teachers in any language?

Yes, this is a class designed for World Language teachers. The concepts and approaches suggested can be implemented in any language. The facilitators have native or near native command of Spanish and French, and working knowledge of Italian and Portuguese. Teachers of other languages are welcome to attend (and are encouraged to contact us before registering).

What is the cost?

$340 (2 graduate credits) 

Is there a limited number of students per class?

Yes. The maximum number of students allowed is 30. The class might be cancelled if fewer than 10 students sign up. There will be a wait list, if many participants are interested and we cannot accommodate them for the June session, a second session might be offered the first week of August.

Is there a deadline to apply?

Yes. Registration will be completed in two steps: 1) Pre-registration. We recommend completing the pre-registration as soon as possible to guarantee a spot.This will allow us to plan ahead. 2) Participants have to register as non-degree seeking OU students to take this class. 

Pre-Registration deadline: please complete this as soon as possible  

Application as non-degree seeking student deadline May 25th. 

Can I attend without applying as a non-degree seeking student?

No. Participants must apply as an Ohio University student with a Post-Baccalaureate non-degree application.

How do I apply?

To guarantee a spot, pre-register here:

To register: Since this is a graduate level class, participants are required to register as an Ohio University non-degree seeking student. Please apply here:

Tips for applying for non-degree programs:

·         In the application form on the Program Selection page (page 2), enter ND9951 into the search box, the program will come up in the search result without having to scroll through all the program options. You still need to actually click on the program title to select it.

·      Please complete fields as required on the application or processing will be delayed.

·         On page 3, Application Information, students applying for workshops should select “workshop/post-baccalaureate” for the question “application type”.

·         The application carries a place for you to choose a campus (Athens), even if the workshop is held somewhere else.  

Do I need to send/upload any documents to apply?


Is there funding available?

Ohio University does NOT offer funding for teachers’ professional development. Teachers should contact their schools to learn about funding opportunities. Most schools have tuition reimbursement programs.  Check with your LPDC or administration for details.

I registered but I can’t attend, is there a refund?

If you drop the class before the first day, a 100% refund will be given.

What is expected of me in/for class?

Participants are expected to take an active role and commit to engage. Given the short duration of the class, a lot of information and hands-on activities will be included every day. Participants will not be required to complete extensive readings, but will be expected to complete some collaborative assignments.

My question has not been answered. Whom do I contact?

Please contact Dr. Gallego at