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German Faculty

Andrea Herzog

M.A.; M.Ed. The Ohio State University, Mag. Phil. Universität Salzburg
Austrian history and culture, German language, Language Pedagogy.

Dominik Heinrici


Adi King
Ph.D., University of Minnesota,
German and Austrian literature and culture, 1871 – 1933; Weimar women authors; popular culture studies; film.
 Parrot, Benjamin 1


Ben Parrot
ABD University of Wisconsin – Madison – Children’s literature, 18th c. Germany


Nikhil Sathe
Ph.D., The Ohio State University. Austrian Studies; Literature, Film and Culture from the 20th Century to the Present; Language Pedagogy.

Annette Steigerwald
ABD, McGill University. 20th-Century Literature, feminist writers, women writers of the Weimar Republic, contemporary German literature and culture.

Bärbel Such
Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, Holocaust and Exile Literature, Contemporary German Literature and Culture.

Barry Thomas
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley. 19th-Century German Prose and Drama, German-American Literature.
Karin Munich-03_3


Karin Wright (emerita)
Attended the universities of Tübingen and Frankfurt, Germany, and received MAs in German and History from Ohio University. (1976 and 1978).