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Vera Belousova
Lecturers  Office phone: 597-2791

Vera Belousova holds a Candidate of Sciences (Kandidatskaya) degree (equivalent of an American Ph.D.) from Moscow State University in German and Hungarian literature. She has published articles not only on these subjects, but also on 19th-century Russian literature, her other area of specialty. In addition, Dr. Belousova is the author of Russian detective novels, including Prosh’aju tebe moju smert’ (I Forgive You for my Death), Po subbotam ne streljaju (I Don’t Shoot on Saturdays), Zhil na svete rycar’ bednyj… (There lived a poor knight…) and others. At Ohio University she teaches Intermediate and Advanced Russian and Russian literature (19th and 20th centuries).


Mila Shevchenko
Lecturers  Gordy 329  Office phone: 593-0856


Dr. Shevchenko is a native of Bulgaria. She got her BA in English Philology and MA in Russian Philology from U of Sofia (Bulgaria).  Dr. Shevchenko received her Ph.D. from The University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI) in Slavic Languages and Literatures. Her primary area of specialization is 19th-c. Russian literature (Russian drama, in particular). Her research interests include drama and theatre; melodrama; theories of space and spatial form; Slavic literatures and cultures Bulgarian, Polish, Ukranian, and Slovenian); discourses of liminality.

Mila Shevchenko has previously taught at The U of Michigan, Bowling Green State U, and U of Denver. She has taught all levels of Russian languages courses, courses in Russian Drama (both in English and Russian), Culture, 19th-c. Russian novel, Russian Revolution in History and Literature, and her favorite course in Contemporary East European Film, Drama, and Short Fiction.