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French Club

Ohio University’s French Club is an organization for students studying or
simply interested in French language and culture. We meet every Tuesday
at 7:30pm in Gordy 205. French Club is open to students of all majors. We
host various French-related activities throughout the year such as movie
nights, French Club dinner, game nights, etc. Our meetings are conducted
in English, so if you are interested in French culture, but don’t speak
French, no worries!

French conversation hour takes place Thursdays from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. at
Jackie O’s. Everyone is invited, including students, faculty and
community members. We welcome French learners from all levels, beginners
or experienced speakers. The point of French conversation hour is not to
evaluate or correct the language, but rather to speak and share our
ideas, our experiences and our love for the Francophone world.


President: Zoe Zawadzki


Treasurer: Sara Hoskins (Not pictured)

Advisor: Yolande Helm 



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