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Foreign Languages in Elementary Schools
If you are interested in teaching Spanish or French in the elementary schools, here is your opportunity. If you are in a SPAN or FR 3110 or higher course you can apply to teach once a week in an area Elementary School. Just fill out this form and send it to Dr. Partyka, or leave it in her mailbox in Gordy Hall.
President- Benjamin Schaible
Vice President- Mia Davis
Secretary- Kristina Carson
Treasurer- Mia Davis
The meeting times for the 2013 academic year are as follows:
9/2     7:30 pm Gordy 113
9/9     7:30 pm Gordy 113
9/23    7:30 pm Gordy 113
10/6    7:30 pm Gordy 113
10/21   7:30pm Gordy 113
11/4    7:30pm Gordy 113
11/18   7:30pm Gordy 113
12/2    7:30pm Gordy 113
For more information, contact:
Kirsten Lawrence
FLES Coordinator
355 Gordy Hall


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