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Study Abroad with the Department of Modern Languages!


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 Grenoble, France

The Department of Modern Languages offers study abroad programs that concentrate on target language acquisition, cultural enhancement and to become certified in TEFL. Each of our six languages either has an OU program or the DML can help you link with a comparable program through the Office of Education Abroad.

Professors in our department advise and/or accompany students to destinations around the globe for long-term and short-term programs varying from 3 weeks through 3 quarters. During residence abroad, students explore the culture of another part of the world, thus adding tremendous depth to their academic preparation.  Through daily life and course work, participants learn about the everyday habits, history, literature, economics, art, political system, and international relations of the region. Students return from study abroad with an expanded perspective on the world, on their country, on their community, and on themselves.  Throughout one’s life, critical insight into different societal norms constitutes an invaluable resource for success in personal, professional, social, and civic endeavors.

Please check the individual language sections for more details.

• Austria – Salzburg – German – spring semester

• Brazil –Brazil (non-OU program) consult with OEA

• Ecuador – Cuenca – Spanish– fall, spring and summer semesters (non-OU)

• Ecuador – Cuenca -  TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) – summer semester

 • Italy – Florence – Italian – summer semester

• Mexico – Mérida – Spanish – spring semester

• Russia – Moscow – Russian – spring semester (even years)

• Spain – Toledo – Spanish – spring, summer semesters FAQs

• Spain – Sevilla – Spanish – MA and TEFL Certificate

• France – Grenoble – French – spring semester

Ohio University students may also participate in programs sponsored by other universities with the assistance and coordination of the Study Abroad Office of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Center for International Studies.

Interested in Teaching English Abroad?

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