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Online Curricular Designer and Lecturer (non-tenure track)

The Department of Modern Languages at Ohio University seeks a colleague to create and teach online courses in foreign languages; lead others in developing online courses; and help incorporate appropriate technologies into the full spectrum of classroom-based teaching. The position is a renewable, non-tenure track teaching position. The ideal candidate will have experience in designing and teaching online language courses, be committed to working effectively with students, faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds and will have creative ideas for curricular development. Start date: January 1, 2018 or August 16, 2018 dependent upon availability of candidate.

Responsibilities of the position include:
• Work with Ohio University Instructional Designers and the coordinators of each language to develop online course curricula and materials for elementary and intermediate language programs. (Courses are offered in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish)
• Prepare faculty to teach online courses.
• Work closely with language program coordinators and their faculty to promote the effective use of instructional technologies.
• Create and teach courses about Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL courses).

Please contact the Department of Modern Languages for more information.