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How to Become a Modern Languages Tutor

The best way to become a tutor for FR, GER, IT, RUS, SPAN is to sign up with the AAC (Academic Advancement Center) at Alden Library. You should be in a 300 level language course and have a record of excellent grades in your language classes. Follow these simple steps:

1. To sign up at the library’s AAC, go directly to: http://www.ohio.edu/tutoring/


1. Go to the OU library website: http://www.library.ohiou.edu/find/

Click on “Services” in purple.

2. Then go to Student Services

3. Then on the left hand side under “Use…” click on Academic Advancement Center

4. Go to “Tutoring” (bottom right corner)

5. Then click on “Apply” and complete the 4 Easy Steps to becoming a Tutor.