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Welcome to the French Program!

We offer B.A. and M.A. degrees in French.  You can earn a B.A. in French with or without teaching licensure.  Our courses include conversation, composition, French for business, French and Francophone literature and culture studies, French film, phonetics, stylistics, and methods of language teaching, as well as independent studies that allow you to do intensive research on a topic of interest to you.  The Language Resource Center in Gordy Hall provides a wide array of audiovisual materials and technological tools to assist you in your French studies.  The French Program offers study abroad programs in Avignon.  Students also have local opportunities to improve their skills outside of class by participating in activities with the French Honor Society, or by volunteering to teach French in local elementary schools.  The links to the left will provide you with more information on the many features of our program.  If, after exploring these links, you have further questions or would like to meet with a French advisor, feel free to call the Department of Modern Languages office (740-593-2765) to arrange an appointment.


Q2S Transition Information
 Sample French Major French Course Equivalencies French Major Checksheet French 341-342-343 Conversion

The French major (BA 5221) requires 27 credit hours (9 courses) beyond FR 2120, including the following requirements:

1. Language and Literature Core Requirements (THREE of the following): 

-FR 3110 – Advanced Conv and Comp I (3 cr.)
-FR 3120 – Adv Conv and Comp II (3 cr.)
-FR 3540 – Intro Reading French Lit (3 cr.)
2. Culture Core Requirements (ONE of the following):

-FR 3348 – French: Civil and Culture I (3 cr.)
-FR 3349 – French Civ & Culture II (3 cr.)
3. Language and Literature Expansion (TWO of the following):

-FR 3215 – French for Business (3 cr.)
-FR 3550 – Introduction to Prose (3 cr.)
-FR 3560 – Intro to Drama & Poetry (3 cr.)
4. Advanced Language, Literature and Culture (THREE of the following):

-FR 4334 – French Through Film (3 cr.)
-FR 4437 – Applied Phonetics (3 cr.)
-FR 4439 – Modern French Usage (3 cr.)
-FR 4441 – Stylistics and Criticism (3 cr.)
-FR 4502 – 16th-Century French Literature (3 cr.)
-FR 4503 – 17th-Century French Literature (3 cr.)
-FR 4504 – 18th-Century French Literature (3 cr.)
-FR 4505 – 19th-Century French Literature (3 cr.)
-FR 4506 – 20th- and 21st-Century French (3 cr.)
-FR 4511 – Francophone Lit/Cult Afr/Carib (3 cr.)
-FR 4512 – Francophone Lit/Cult Americas (3 cr.)
-FR 4513 – French Resistance (3 cr.)
-FR 4514 – Early Modern Non-Fiction (3 cr.)
-FR 4515 – Early Modern Poetry (3 cr.)
-FR 4516 – Fiction 17th-18th Centuries (3 cr.)
-FR 4517 – Drama 17th-18th Centuries (3 cr.)
-FR 4518 – Fiction 19th- Century (3 cr.)
-FR 4519 – Poetry 19th- and 20th- Cent (3 cr.)
-FR 4520 – Drama 19th- and 20th- Cent (3 cr.)
-FR 4521 – Fiction 20th- Century(3 cr.)
-FR 4640 – Teaching French (3 cr.)
-FR 4900 – Special Topics (3 cr.)