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The Department of Modern Languages at Ohio University offers introductory through advanced courses in Russian.  Students have the option of majoring or minoring in Russian, as well as the opportunity to study abroad in Moscow, Russia. If, after exploring these links, you have further questions or would like to meet with a Russian advisor, you can call the department (740-593-2765) to arrange an appointment.

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 Sample Russian Major Russian Course Equivalencies Russian Major Checksheet


The Russian major (BA 5224) requires 21 credit hours (7 courses) beyond RUS 2120, including the following requirements:

1. Language and Literature Core Requirements (TWO of the following):

-RUS 3110 – Adv Conv & Comp I (3 cr.)
-RUS 3120 – Adv Conv & Comp II (3 cr.)
-RUS 3348 – Cult Hist of Russia I (3 cr.)
-RUS 3349 – Cult Hist of Russia II (3 cr.)

2. Introduction to Literary Analysis (TWO of the following):

-RUS 3550 – Intro to Russian Literature I (3 cr.)
-RUS 3560 – Intro to Russian Literature II (3 cr.)

3. Advanced Literature, Language and Culture (THREE of the following):

-RUS 4437 – Applied Phonetics (3 cr.)
-RUS 4439 – Structure of Modern Russian (3 cr.)
-RUS 4441 – Stylistics (3 cr.)
-RUS 4519 – 19th-Cent Russian Literature (3 cr.)
-RUS 4529 – Russian Lit in Soviet Era (3 cr.)
-RUS 4900 – Special Topics (3 cr.)