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Spanish major:  “Outstanding educators who demand the best, but help you meet those goals.”

French major:  “Teachers are always available and classroom sizes are small, giving students a close-knit community in which to learn.”

German major:  “I always thought that the [Modern Languages] department was the perfect size: large enough to provide useful resources and a diverse staff, yet small enough to give the one-on-one help that every language student needs.”

Russian major:  “Because of these skills (acquired in Modern Languages) my company might send me to Russia to help build a presence.”

Spanish and Journalism:  “I was able to obtain two degrees in 4 years.  The classes I took have prepared me for the legal analysis and ‘outside the box’ approach that I am confronted with in law school.”

Spanish major:  “The knowledge of another culture and language has and will continue to enrich my understanding of the world around me.”

German major:  “I was able to study in both Austria and Germany and then live in Cologne for a year working in the German television industry.”