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Department of Modern Languages – An Overview 


The Department of Modern Languages at Ohio University is diverse and vibrant, with faculty, staff, and students from many different countries, cultures, and communities.  Modern Languages faculty publish top-level cultural, literary, cinematographic, and pedagogic research relating to a variety of languages, cultures, and time periods.

This wide range of expertise means that our courses provide students with a base of knowledge not only in language but, just as importantly, in cultural content vital for understanding and navigating the world.  Our majors and minors learn to think analytically and critically in courses on literature, culture, linguistics, film, and art, and they acquire clarity of thought and expression through frequent writing assignments and speaking activities.  Students enhance their technological skills in our Language Resource Center’s audio, video, and computer labs.

Modern Languages faculty are committed to student advising, and to guiding students through the options of double majors, complementary certificate programs, and elective courses.  We limit our class sizes so professors can address the needs of individual learners and encourage dialog, collaboration, openness, and critical thinking. With faculty guidance, our seniors have successfully competed for postgraduate awards such as Fulbright and Truman Scholarships as well as for admission to MA and PhD programs in a variety of fields.

To complement course work, student language clubs and national honor societies sponsor events such as weekly conversation meetings and foreign film series. The Department of Modern Languages excels at challenging undergraduate students in a supportive environment where they can thrive and prepare themselves for a successful future.