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Modern languages graduates are not limited to a specific career track.  The ability to think analytically, communicate clearly, and understand people from diverse cultural backgrounds has served our graduates well in a wide range of professions. Ohio University language majors discover that current job listings call for the types of abilities they have acquired through their liberal arts education: communication skills, analytical skills, interpersonal skills, a capacity for problem solving, and the ability to learn quickly.  Many job listings include foreign language proficiency as a desirable or necessary tool.

In consultation with a faculty advisor and with the help of Ohio University Career Services, students approaching graduation can identify companies and organizations offering job opportunities that correspond to the student’s personal interests.  When recent graduates can employ their marketable skills in the pursuit of an individual passion, they greatly enhance their chances for success, satisfaction, and lifelong rewards.

Many of our students combine a major in Modern Languages with a secondary discipline such as journalism, political science, education, sociology, international studies, or business, and then seek employment in print or broadcast media, government, teaching, social services, or industry.  These students possess career-specific skills in addition to general knowledge and language proficiency.  Ohio University’s curriculum offers the flexibility necessary to complete a double major in four years.

Many of our majors acquire additional training prior to seeking employment.  Some pursue internships, either in the US or abroad, in which they employ their foreign language skills in professional capacity while earning OU credit.  After graduation, many enter MA and PhD programs and go on to academic positions at universities.  Others attend law school or medical school.  Volunteer service abroad with organizations such as the Peace Corps provides training that can help a student identify a future career track.

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What can I do with a degree in foreign languages?


For interested German students, Stellenanzeigen lists many career, as well as internship opportunities, in Germany and some other German-speaking countries. 






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