2014-2015 End of Year Honors

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2014-2015 End of Year Honors, Awards, and Scholarships 


 As we come towards the end of the academic year 2014-15 we want to remind you of our graduate student award winners from last year and recognize new awards to faculty and students:

2013-2014 Awards 


Gaston, Kelsey


Kelsey Gaston Barxias: Outstanding French TA for academic year 2013-14



 Fred Agbemade: Outstanding Spanish TA for academic year 2013-14


Garcia Torres, Maria Dolores 2

 María Dolores (Puli) García-Torres: Outstanding Spanish Masters student year 2013-14




Learning Community Award

Dr.Lois Vines, Professor of French and Distinguished Teaching Professor of Humanities, is the co-recipient of the Outstanding Instructor Award presented by University College and the Learning Communities Program on January 25, 2015.  Candidates are nominated by students participating in the more than 200 Learning Communities at Ohio University, which are designed to engage first-year students in academic and social activities as soon as they arrive on campus.  Dr. Vines created the Learning Community “Foreign Languages and Intercultural Connections” for participants studying other languages, linguistics, and any field in which they would like to continue perfecting language competence.  The group of about fifteen students take a common course and a weekly seminar directed by Dr. Vines that introduces them to the many international opportunities offered on campus and abroad.  They learn, for example, how to earn a Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and how to prepare to be a candidate for nationally competitive awards. During the ten years Dr. Vines has been a seminar instructor, three of her students have been recipients of a Fulbright award, a highly competitive national honor.   



Congratulations to Barb Reichenbach for writing the massive NCATE reports and winning: National recognition for the Spanish, French and German education licensure programs, sponsored by the DML. Here is a link to the article!