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Broughton, Katherine. “De Demonios y dicaturas.” Cincinnati Conference in Romance Languages and Literatures (April 1, 2017).





Abrahamson, Hannah. “Negotiating Colonization: Women in Colonial Brazil and Mexico.” Phi Alpha Theta 2014    Biennial Convention, Albuquerque, NM. (January 2-5, 2014). 
Abrahamson, Hannah. “Negotiating Colonization: Women in Colonial Brazil and Mexico.” Women’s and Gender  Studies Graduate Student Conference, Athens, OH. (February 14-15, 2014). 
Abrahamson, Hannah. “La representación de la mujer maya en la Conquista y colonización de Yucatán: Relación de las cosas de Yucatán Relato de Gonzalo Guerrero.” Ohio Latin American Conference, Springfield, OH. (February 21-22, 2014).
Abrahamson, Hannah. “The Masculinity of Hegemonic Discourse: Nation Building in Latin America.” Phi Alpha Theta Regional Meeting, Ada, OH. (March 22, 2014).
Abrahamson, Hannah. “Representations of the Mayan Woman in the Conquest and Colonization of the Yucatán” Student Research Expo 2014, Ohio University (April 10).  
Frodge, Brittany. “Informalist Art as Francoist Diplomacy” Student Research Expo 2014, Ohio University (April 10).
Fultz, Danielle “The Inequalities in France’s Egalista’ For First Generation North African Muslims”  Student Research Expo 2014, Ohio University (April 10).
Helmsdoerfer, Kristen. “Transnational narrative: Re-examining the Quijote from a Latin American Lens” Student Research Expo 2014, Ohio University (April 10).
Iglesias, Héctor. “De El reino de este mundo a Cien años de soledad: La perpetuación de los patrones femeninos y su influencia en Latinoamérica”. Graduate Conference, University of Illinois at Chicago (April 4 & 5, 2014).

Sánchez-Hernández, Ariadna. “Pragmatic Routines during Study Abroad Programs: the Impact of Acculturation and Intensity of Interaction”.  Spanish Colloquium, Athens, OH. (March 19, 2014).

Sánchez-Hernández, Ariadna. “Pragmatic routines in the study abroad context”  Student Research Expo 2014, Ohio University (April 10). 
Schrickel, James. “The Revival of the French Peasant and Traditional Agriculture: The Conflict Between Heritage and Efficiency” Student Research Expo 2014, Ohio University (April 10).
Abrahamson, Hannah. “La representación de la mujer maya en la Conquista y colonización de Yucatán: Relación de las cosas de Yucatán y Relato de Gonzalo Guerrero.” El Cid (2014).


Melnik, Anna. Received “Critical Language Scholarship” for Russian Language. Ohio University, Mar 2013

Meisky, Kathleen. “The Power of Female Sexuality and the 19th Century Woman: The Portrayal of Eliza Lynch, la         Madama Paraguaya.” 12th Ohio Latin Americanist Conference. Wittenberg U. 23 Feb 2013.

Moore, Jaime E. Espinoza and Emilia Alonso-Marks. “Heritage Spanish speakers in school settings: Are their needs being met?”Bilingual and Multilingual Education in the 21st century: Building on Experience. Ed. by Christián Abello-Contesse, Paul Chandler, María Dolores López-Jiménez and Rubén Chacón-Beltrán. Bristol: Multilingual Matters, 2013. 299-314. Print.

Ramos, Irene. “Teaching Associates’ Awareness in the Foreign Language Classroom.” First prize in Humanities at           the International Research Student Symposium. Ohio University, Feb 2013.


Forfia, Mary. “Cartas, contratos, y el camino hacia la modernidad: dominación racional – legal en Martín
Rivas.” Ohio Latin Americanist Conference.  Bowling Green State University (Feb 2012).
Martín, Carmen. “Muerte, violencia y revelación en la construcción de la identidad cultural en
Latinoamérica.” Ohio Latin Americanist Conference.  Bowling Green State University (Feb 2012).
Meisky, Kathleen. “Un análisis de la literatura contemporánea paraguaya para los adultos jóvenes.” Ohio Latin Americanist Conference.  Bowling Green State University (Feb 2012). Ramos-Arbolí, Irene. “Las soldaderas: su papel en la historia y su visión evolutiva en el arte.” Ohio Latin Americanist Conference. Bowling Green State University (Feb 2012).



Mary L. Durnion Scholarship Recipients (French):  Amie Davis, Alicia Eberts, Taylor Pool. 2011

Mary T. Noss Scholarship Recipients (French):  Amanda Brown, Catherine Caldwell, Danielle Fultz, Valerie
          Schoeppner, James Schrickel, Elizabeth Tippett, Camisha Vigil. 2011

Lash and Leet Memorial Scholarship Recipients (French):  Stephanie St. Aubin, Taylor Evans, Gabrielle Pastorek.

French Study Abroad Scholarship Recipients: Jenna Garchar, Megan Gilfert, Rachel Grimm. 2011

Wilkinson Outstanding Junior Award Recipients (French):  Catherine Caldwell, Jenna Garchar, Rachel Grimm,
          Valerie Schoeppner. 2011

Wilkinson Outstanding Senior Award Recipients (French):  Meghan Devine, Kristina Hauptmann, Shawna Polivka.

French Government Assistantships for Teaching English in France Recipients:  Leah Berger, Stasbourg; Meghan
         Devine, Dijon; Brad Evans, Poitiers; Ashley Gammella, Bordeaux; Kristina Hauptmann, Strasbourg; Megan
         Helgeson, Clermont-Ferrand; Melissa McGill, Marseille; Celeste Schiele, Orleans-Tours; Jamie Taylor, Lille;
         Katie Williams, Clermont- Ferrand. 2011

Sigma Delta Pi, National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society Inductees:  Stephanie Combs, Brigid Iverson, Claudia
         Ludi, Crystal Reedy, Sarah Robles, Laura Schaub, Sara Swaim, Sally O’Brien, Alicia Nunez, President; Darcy
         Van Dervort, Vice President; Cassie McCully, Treasurer. 2011

McCrory Scholarship Recipients (Spanish):  Tracy Gundy, Sarah Volpenhein, Mackenzie Zak. 2011

Ohio University-Universidad de Sevilla, Spain, Graduate Exchange Program Participants:  Julie Hetcko, Ohio

University; Irene Ramos-Arbolí, Universidad de Sevilla. 2011

Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Graduate Scholarship Recipient:  Krystina Taylor. 2011

ACTFL University Scholarship Recipient (Spanish):  Yenis Mantilla-Obregón. 2011

Spanish Government Assistantships for Teaching English in Spain: Preston Houston, Matthew Musarra, Megan
          Parris, Casey Potts. 2011

Ohio University “lector” at the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha in Spain for 2011-2012:  Krystina Taylor. 2011

2011 MA Degrees (Spanish):  Elisabeth Grassmann, Ashley Klasnich, Yenis Mantilla-Obregón, Cindy Ordóñez-
          Bogart, Rosa Piqueres Gilabert, Laura Poteet, Krystina Taylor. 2011

Glander Scholarship Recipients (Italian):  Samantha Tischler, Alexandra Lynch, Rebecca Romano, Monique
          Williamson, Chadwick Stroud, Emily Burns, Brittany Venturella. 2011

Delta Phi Alpha, National German Honor Society Members:  Patrick Bracken, Allen Flint, Benjamin Funk, Garrett
          Johnson, Laura Kim, Christina Matzen, Graylyn Roose, Michael Schnurr. 2011

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Undergraduate Scholarship to Germany: Garrett Johnson (Music). 

Fulbright English Teaching Assistantships to Germany or Austria Recipients: Eric Geyer (German), Learose
          Pinkham (German), Luke Slager (German), Sarah Zabka (German Education).  2011 

Fulbright Undergraduate Research Scholarships to Germany: Christina Matzen (History), Mathew Wagner
          (Journalism).  2011

Garrett Johnson, history major with a German as a second major certificate, will be studying abroad at the
          University of Leipzig next year as an undergraduate.  He was formally awarded a DAAD (German academic
          exchange service) undergraduate scholarship to subsidize his musicology research and study. 2011

Katie Williams was selected as an “All Star” presenter at last year’s OFLA conference and was invited to give her
          presentation again at next year’s conference.  2011

Rosa Piqueres won a Graduate Student Travel Grant to support her participation in the KY Foreign Languages
          Conference.  2011

2011 List of Modern Languages majors that have been invited to join Phi Beta Kappa are as follows:  Erin Crane,
          French; Meghan Devine, French; Elisse Farabaugh, French; Andrea Reany, German/Russian; Allen Flint,
          German; Mathew Wagner, German; Allison Kontak, Spanish; Julie Mann, GLST/Spanish; Eric Hanshaw,
          History/German; Jamie Smith, History/German; Jenna Garchar, GLST/French.

Teaching assistant Grace Stout (French) received the Graduate Associate Outstanding Teaching Award.  2011

Rosa Piqeres Gilabert (Spanish) and Katie Williams (French) both received the Arts & Sciences Outstanding
          Teaching Assistant Award. 2011

Katie Williams, French MA student, presented at the OFLA conference a session on “A License to Speak: Slam
          Poetry in the French Classroom.” 2011

Cindy Ordóñez-Bogart, Spanish MA student, presented at the OFLA conference a session called “Salsa: From the
          Kitchen to the Dance Floor.” 2011

Yenis Mantilla-Obregón, Spanish MA student, won an ACTFL University Scholarship. 2011

Rosa M. Piqueres Gilabert, Spanish MA student, presented at the 64th Annual Kentucky Foreign Language
          Conference a session called “Motivation in Successful EFL learning:  the Caseof Ecuatorian Students at
          CEDEI.” 2011

OU Students participated in the Undergraduate Olympiada (Olympiad) of Spoken Russian. Two students received second place honors (in the 3rd and 4th levels).  2011

Seniors Christina Matzen and Matt Wagner were each recently awarded 2011-12 Fulbright Awards.  Both
          students will travel to Germany to do research for about 10 months.  2011

Spanish alumna Marda Rose directed “Relaciones,” a collection of short Spanish plays.  The production was a
          great mix of humor, socio-political commentary, and nostalgia. Marda, currently completing her Ph.D.
          At Indiana University, graduated from OU with an HTC degree in Spanish and a major in French. She
          later returned to OU as a visiting instructor in Spanish and completed her MA in Linguistics.  2011

Undergraduate HTC Spanish students Ellie Hamrick and Katie Meisky present their findings on Mexican literature
          and murals, and Paraguayan children’s literature at the 10th Annual Ohio Latin Americanist Conference
          held at Bowling Green State University.  2011

Spanish MA student Rosa Piqueres along with Dr. Emilia Marks present “Measures of cross-cultural sensitivity in
          successful EFL learning: the case of Ecuatorian students at CEDEI” at the 6th Interdisciplinary Colloquium
          on Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan Linguistics, Literatures, and Cultures at the University of Florida.



French MA student Amanda Catron will serve as the TA for the Avignon Study Abroad Program this spring.  2010

French MA student Lillian Rutana was awarded the Outstanding TA for 2009-2010 in French by the DML.  2010


French HTC student Caitlin Yocco’s thesis work is highlighted in “Research at Ohio.” 2010

Jaime Espinoza Moore and Emilia Alonso Marks presented a paper entitled “Heritage Spanish Speakers in School Settings: Are We Meeting the Needs of These Students?” at the 11th Biennial International ELIA Conference: Bilingualism and Multilingualism in School Settings. The conference took place on March 18th and 19th at the Universidad de Sevilla, Spain. 2010


Carolyn White (Spanish) presented research completed in the General Archive of the Indies in Sevilla and the National Library in Madrid at the Creativity and Research Fair at OHIO. This presentation discussed the historical pattern of authoritarianism, adulation, and racial prejudices in the Dominican Republic.  2009

Alicia Buckenmeyer (Spanish) presented portions of her literary analysis at the Ohio Latin Americanist Conference and here, at the Ohio University Research & Creativity Fair. 2009

Nicky Re (French) flew to Provence, France, in March to conduct research for an HTC Undergraduate French Thesis.  The thesis focuses on Occitan, a regional language spoken in the south of France, and the current measures that are being taken to promote and maintain its usage today.  2009

Tatiana Argüello worked as a translator with two Chilean artists that visited Passion Works Studio in Athens. This was a cultural exchange between two programs aimed to use art creation as a medium of expression for artists with developmental disabilities. 2009

Recent Spanish MA graduate, Alicia Miklos, was selected to be a lectora in Ciudad Real with the Universidad de Castilla– laMancha. Alicia will hold an English teaching position for the academic year.  2009

Recent Spanish MA graduate, Amelia Sylvester, has just been accepted to an English teaching position (lectora) at the Universidad de Castilla – La Mancha beginning in October.  2009