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Subject Librarian Jeffrey Shane

Subject Librarian Jeffrey Shane

The Subject Librarian for Modern Languages is Jeffrey Shane

He works with faculty members to develop Alden Library’s collection, both print and online, in the area of Modern Languages. He also provides instruction sessions to classes on the best methods and sources for research and is always willing to work with individuals or small groups on their particular research needs. Don’t hesitate to contact him for assistance in finding information on your research topic.

Contact info:

Center for International Collections, Alden Library

(740) 593-2657

He has created guides to library resources for each of the languages taught in the Department. The guides on the Modern Languages website (left column below) are very brief, just a few starting points. The right column has links to comprehensive guides on the library’s website. A description of the contents is below the list of languages.

Modern Languages Website   Library Website
French   French
German   German
Italian   Italian
Russian   Russian
Spanish   Spanish

Guide contents:

  • General Library Tools
  • Languages
  • Literature
  • Videos and Media

Guide contents:

  • Start Here
  • Search Strategy
  • Dictionaries and Grammar Aids
  • Interpreting Citations
  • Literature
  • Finding Books
  • Literary Criticism
  • News Sources
  • Video and Audio
  • Special Topics
  • Websites
  • Evaluation
  • Citing Your Sources
  • New Library Acquisitions (Updated Daily)