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Why Study Languages?

The Race to Save the World’s Disappearing Languages (2018)
Language Study as a National Imperative (2017)
Language by the Shrinking Numbers (2016)
Bilingualism and the Brain (2014)
For History and Preservation (2014)
Learn language to achieve your dreams (2014)
Linguistically Diverse America (2013)
Your Brain on Study Abroad: The Experience Changes Lives, and Neurons, a Scholar Says (2013)
Language is the “Hottest Job Skill” (2013)


Hunting for Soft Skills, Companies Hire English Majors

The Wall Street Journal

Heads up, business majors: Employers are newly hot on the trail of hires with liberal arts and humanities degrees. Class of 2015 graduates from those disciplines are employed at higher rates than their cohorts in the class of 2014, a survey shows. Read the full story

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