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Sigma Delta Pi Has Had an Active Fall 

October 11, 2019

A photo of several spanish graduate students standing on a stone bridge in a heavily wooded area
Sigma Delta Pi treats Spanish Graduate Students to a visit to Old Man’s Cave

“¿Has probado ‘ants-on-a-log’?” (“Have you tried ‘ants-on-a-log’?”)

On August 24th, 2019, members of Sigma Delta Pi participated in an outdoor excursion to Hocking Hills State Park in southeastern Ohio, and this question was one of many that initiated a plethora of cross-cultural experiences. To explain, ‘ants-on-a-log’ is a common snack that many children raised in the U.S. remember (perhaps not so fondly) as parents’ method of making vegetables appealing; in this case, introducing celery topped with peanut butter and raisins. However, this simple snack was not very popular among our fellow students from outside the U.S, as one graduate student from Chile remarked, “Putting the peanut butter and raisins together is a good idea, but please, do not make me eat any more celery!”

While trying new foods was not the main goal of this excursion, it is important to note that sitting down together to share a meal often leads to conversation which is the first step at gaining an understanding of others. After lunch, students, members, and faculty enjoyed a casual walk to Ash Cave and then a longer hike through Old Man’s Cave. We alternated speaking Spanish and English, even some Portuguese, and were able to connect with each other and learn about cultures different from our own through personal accounts; much different from our standard academic setting. Throughout the excursion, members of Sigma Delta Pi and fellow students and faculty shared experiences about living abroad, found comfort in expressing doubts about the upcoming school year and captured moments of general comradery on our smartphones and cameras. Overall, this excursion was successful at promoting cross-cultural bonds and embraced the motto of Sigma Delta Pi: “Let’s continue forth under the guidance of the Spanish Language”.

Vinny Lyons, Suzy Aftabizadeh, Rory O’Malley and Maggie Saine enjoyed raffling off some prizes at the Student Involvement Fair their first weekend on campus for Fall 2019.
Vinny Lyons, Suzy Aftabizadeh, Rory O’Malley and Maggie Saine enjoyed raffling off some prizes at the Student Involvement Fair their first weekend on campus for Fall 2019.
Suzy Aftabizadeh, SDP’s fearless president, shows her spirit.
Suzy Aftabizadeh, SDP’s fearless president, shows her spirit.


Sigma Delta Pi and the Student Involvement Fair 2019 (Feria de involucramiento 2019)

Sigma Delta Pi took on the 2019 Student Involvement Fair, August 25th! To promote the academic fraternity, SDP brought pamphlets, a poster and our own officers to the event to inform students of the organization’s presence and benefits, which include semester campus events, leadership opportunities, scholarship opportunities, and resume building, among other things.

During the fair, a raffle was held at the booth to attract some attention and get people excited about joining SDP. Two winners walked away with either a Día de los Muertos shirt or an Ohio University mug, and by the end of the Involvement Fair, SDP had filled two pages with signatures, totaling 46 people.

Overall there was good engagement with the student body! Many people, even if they didn’t sign up, stopped to hear about the organization or ask questions about the requirements. On this note, the majority of students who stopped or signed up were not Spanish majors, and they represented Spanish Ed majors, Spanish minors, native Spanish speakers, and even just students who were taking Spanish classes for requirements or personal enjoyment. Since SDP welcomes all Spanish learners, the interactions at the Involvement Fair helped to assert that we accept anyone who meets the GPA and class requirements! We hope to see many of the freshmen who attended the fair in the coming semesters as they start to finish the higher-level Spanish courses.

Sigma Delta Pi and the Spanish club watch the 2006 movie "Pan's Labyrinth" during movie night.
Sigma Delta Pi and the Spanish club watch the 2006 movie “Pan’s Labyrinth” during movie night.

Movie Night with Sigma Delta Pi and the Spanish Club

Sigma Delta Pi and the Ohio University Spanish Club co-hosted a movie night on September 12, 2019. A good number of students showed up from both Spanish organizations and there was plenty of conversation to go around. Suzy Aftabizadeh, President of Sigma Delta Pi, reviewed a poster detailing Sigma Delta Pi’s events for the fall semester and encouraged students to attend as many events as possible and fill out an application should they be interested in being nominated for Sigma Delta Pi. The movie we watched was “Pan’s Labyrinth” — a film about a young girl named Ophelia and her life between the real and the fantastic during Spain’s Civil War (1936-39). Ophelia’s mother struggles with pregnancy while her step-father, Capitán Vidal from the Spanish army, fights against a band of rebels in the forest. Witnessing her step-father’s brutality, Ophelia is drawn into the world of the labyrinth and its fantastical beings. The movie was in Spanish with Spanish subtitles so that students could both read and hear Spanish while watching. After the movie, there was a lively discussion about the implications of the movie’s symbolism. This was a wonderful way to begin the semester and it gave students an opportunity to meet new people and talk with them in Spanish. We enjoyed hosting this event and will most likely do it again next year or next semester. We also hope to continue collaborating with the Spanish club and other on-campus related organizations. 

Olivia Strutervant and Vinny Lyons at the SDP bake sale
Olivia Strutervant and Vinny Lyons at the SDP bake sale

Sigma Delta Pi’s first Baked Goods Sale of the season

Cupcakes, Cookies, and brownies…. Oh my! These were just a few of the sinfully good treats Sigma Delta Pi had at their bake sale. Sigma Delta Pi was hosting this event on the first floor of Gordy on Monday, September 23rd through Tuesday, September 24th from 9:00 am-11:00 am on both days. This bake sale took place to help raise funds for events hosted by Sigma Delta Pi such as guest speakers, culture nights, as well as Día de los Muertos. These earnings will go to help out upcoming events such as induction for new members joining Sigma Delta Pi and it will help other events we have planned for the 2019-2020 academic year. In addition, this fundraiser helps Sigma Delta Pi give the opportunity to executive members to travel to certain conferences the national organization hosts.

Sigma Delta Pi Receives Two Awards!

July 27, 2018

The department chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society, was named one of the National Society’s Honor Chapters for 2017-18. Of the 600+ chapters nationwide, only nine chapters were selected this year. According to the National Society’s website: “Honor Chapters (Capítulos de Honor y Mérito) are selected each year by the Executive Committee based upon annual reports submitted by the chapters. Awardees are those chapters that have distinguished themselves during the academic year with activities and projects that best reflect the mission of the Society.”  Our department’s chapter also won a second award for 2017-18, the Phoenix Award. This award “recognizes one chapter for a year of extraordinary and exemplary activity as compared to the previous year(s).” The department is extremely proud of these awards, and we wish to extend our congratulations to the members of Sigma Delta Pi, to our Spanish faculty, and especially to Dr. Ganeshan, our chapter advisor.

Congratulations to Ohio University’s chapter of Sigma Delta Pi!

Fall Semester Sigma Delta Pi Initiation

March 6, 2018

Congratulations to the new initiates of Sigma Delta Pi: Alexis Broomes, Alexis Wales, Genoveva Di Maggio, Olivia Sturtevant, Patrick Ballow, Rachel Broughton, Spencer Cappelli, Suzy Aftabizadeh, and Taryn Osborne! ¡Felicidades!

SDP Members 2018
The new initiates, current members, and current officers of Sigma Delta Pi

The Ohio University Chapter Pi Rho/Tao of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society, held it’s initiation ceremony on March 6th, 2018 in Gordy Hall. Sigma Delta Pi is the only national honor society recognizing outstanding college and university students of Spanish and requires members to hold a high GPA in Spanish and overall. Twelve new members were selected for membership to the Society. This great honor is celebrated at the initiation ceremony.

The ceremony, conducted in Spanish, was organized and led by the officers of Sigma Delta Pi and included readings of a poem by Mexican poet Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz.  Jesús Sánchez, a flamenco guitarist, rendered a beautiful performance at the ceremony. Following the ceremony, at the reception, new initiates, officers, members, the advisor, and the chair of the Department of Modern Languages interacted with each other.

Congratulations new Sigma Delta Pi members on your initiation, Wednesday, November 15, 2018.

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