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Welcome to our German Program

The German Program at Ohio University prepares students for a variety of career paths, including education, translation, and international business, and lays the foundation for graduate studies in German or related fields. Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in German (with options for completing a minor, a major with teaching licensure, as well as a certificate program). The wide array of courses students take with us include conversation, composition, German for business, German-language literature, cultural studies, and German film.  The Language Resource Center in Gordy Hall provides a great number of audiovisual materials and technological tools to assist you in your German studies.  The German Program also offers a study abroad program in Salzburg, Austria which takes place every spring semester, allows participants to earn 15 hours of OU credit, and can accommodate a group of 20 students.  Our students also have plenty of opportunity to become involved and improve their skills outside the classroom. Extra-curricular activities include Stammtisch, our weekly conversation hour, and numerous fun and informal events throughout the year hosted by German Club, an organization open to everybody interested in the German-speaking countries. Last but not least, OU boasts a lively chapter of the German Honor Society, Delta Phi Alpha. The links to the left will provide you with more information on the many features of our program.  If, after exploring these links, you have further questions or would like to meet with a German advisor, feel free to call the Department of Modern Languages office (740-593-2765) to arrange an appointment.

German Majors Checklist 2018-19

The German major (BA 5222) requires 24 credit hours (8 courses) beyond GER 2120, including the following requirements:

1. Language and Literature Core Requirements (FOUR of the following): 

-GER 3110 – Adv Conv and Comp I (3 cr.)
-GER 3120 – Adv Conv and Comp II (3 cr.)
-GER 3550 – Intro to German Lit I (3 cr.)
-GER 3560 – Intro to German Lit II (3 cr.)

2. Civilization and Culture (ONE of the following):

-GER 3348 – Ger Culture and Civilization (3 cr.)
-GER 3349 – Aust Culture and Civilization (3 cr.)

3. Electives (THREE of the following):

-GER 4439 – Modern German Usage (3 cr.)
-GER 4441 – Stylistics (3 cr.)
-GER 4450 – Adv Lang Skills Application (3 cr.)
-GER 4529 – 20th-Century Austrian Lit (3 cr.)
-GER 4533 – German Lyric Poetry (3 cr.)
-GER 4900 – Special Topics (3 cr.)

4. OPI

-An Oral Proficiency Interview is required of all German majors. This must be taken and passed at least one semester prior to graduation (Intermediate High for German majors, Advanced Low for Education majors).

5. Study Abroad

-Study abroad for at least one semester in a German-speaking country. Seek pre-approval.