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CIAO! Welcome to the Italian page! Our Italian Program at Ohio University enables students to enhance their chosen career paths, including education, translation, music, art, international business, and history. It also lays the foundation for graduate studies in Italian or related fields. Students can earn an Italian Studies Certificate, an interdisciplinary course of study whose aim is to provide an introduction to the rich and varied culture of Italy by exploring it through a variety of subjects. These subjects include, but are not limited to language, literature, history, archaeology, art, cinema, and political thought. We also offer a study abroad program in Florence, Italy which takes place every summer for 8 weeks. Participants earn 15 hours of OU credit, live in the historical center of Florence, and enjoy excursions to major cities of interest in Italy. On campus extra-curricular activities include our weekly conversation hour, and numerous fun and informal events throughout the year hosted by CIAO, the Italian club open to everybody interested in all things Italian. If you have further questions or would like to meet with the Advisor of the Italian program, feel free to call the Department of Modern Languages office (740-593-2765) to arrange an appointment.

Students can earn an Italian Studies Certificate

We also offer a study abroad program in Florence, Italy.