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     Spanish courses provide students with a base of knowledge not only in languages but also in cultural content so vital for understanding and navigating the world. Spanish majors learn to think analytically and critically in courses on literature, culture, linguistics, film, and art, and they acquire clarity of thought and expression through frequent writing assignments and speaking activities. Students enhance their technological skills in our Language Resource Center’s audio, video, and computer labs.  Spanish majors are required to study abroad. Most students participate in one of the Ohio University sponsored programs in Spain, Mexico, and Ecuador, where they polish their language skills and develop first-hand familiarity with the culture of an Hispanic country.  The Spanish faculty is committed to student advising, and to guiding students through the options of double majors, complementary certificate programs, and elective courses. We limit our class sizes so professors can address the needs of individual learners and encourage dialogue, collaboration, openness, and critical thinking.  To complement course work, the Spanish Club and the Spanish National Honor Society sponsors events such as weekly conversation meetings and foreign film series. The Spanish major challenges undergraduate students in a supportive environment where they can thrive and prepare themselves for a successful future.

Spanish Majors Checklist 2018-19

The Spanish major (BA 5225) requires 27 credit hours (9 courses) beyond SPAN 2120, including the following requirements:

1. Language Core Requirements (FIVE of the following):

-SPAN 3110 – Advanced Conversation and Composition I (3 cr.)
-SPAN 3348 – Spanish Civilization and Culture  (3 cr.)
-SPAN 3349 –  Spanish American Civilization and Culture or 3300, 3310, or 3320 (only in Mexico) (3 cr.)
-SPAN 3460 –  Introduction to Spanish Linguistics  (3 cr.)
-SPAN 3550 -  Introduction to Literature (3 cr.)

2. Advanced and Specialized Language Requirement (ONE of the following):

-SPAN 3120 – Advanced Conversation and Composition II  (3 cr.)
-SPAN 3215 –  Business Spanish (3 cr.)

3. Advanced Content/Electives (THREE of the following, with ONE in each subgroup):

a. ONE of Advanced Hispanic Linguistics:

-SPAN 4437 – Applied Phonetics (3 cr.)
-SPAN 4438 – Hispanic Dialect & Sociolinguistics (3 cr.)
-SPAN 4439 – Modern Spanish Usage (3 cr.)
-SPAN 4441 – Stylistics (3 cr.)
-SPAN 4457 – History of Spanish Language (3 cr.)

b. ONE of Advanced Latin American Content:

-SPAN 4513 – Survey Spanish American Lit I (3 cr.)
-SPAN 4514 – Surv Spanish American Lit II (3 cr.)
-SPAN 4517 – Themes Spanish American Prose (3 cr.)
-SPAN 4518 – Contemp Spanish American Lit (3 cr.)

c. ONE of Advanced Peninsular Content:

-SPAN 4555 – Medieval & Golden Age Span Lit (3 cr.)
-SPAN 4558 – Don Quijote de la Mancha (3 cr.)
-SPAN 4560 – 19th Century Spanish Lit (3 cr.)
-SPAN 4565 – 20th Century Spanish Lit (3 cr.)
-SPAN 4570 – Contemp Span Lit (3 cr.)

4. OPI

-An Oral Proficiency Interview is required of all Spanish majors. This must be taken and passed at least one semester prior to graduation (Intermediate High for Spanish majors, Advanced Low for Education majors).

5. Study Abroad

-Study abroad for at least one semester in a Spanish-speaking country. Seek pre-approval.