Spanish 3-Year Degree Completion Plan

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The curriculum outlined here is a semester-by-semester plan of study for the BA in Spanish (BA 5225), in adherence to section 3333.71 of the Revised Code for three-year baccalaureate degrees.

The estimated number of hours transferred or taken as AP is set at 14. Please note these are just examples.  The actual slate of courses would be dependent upon what courses for which a student actually has previous credit.  Students with additional AP credits would be allowed to count them (as appropriate) to the 3-year degree pathway. A student should work closely with an advisor to design a plan that is specific for him/her and whose courses are taken appropriately to complete the plan in the desired time frame.  

The student should also be aware that trade-offs are inherent in the decision to complete a degree in three years.   A student on a three-year track must stay focused on the curriculum and may not be able to explore educational alternatives or change programs or majors.  S/he may also not be able to participate in additional study abroad programs, internships, student clubs or government, or service learning opportunities. The student must keep in mind that for the Spanish major, a study abroad program is required, and the student must take and pass the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview with a proficiency of intermediate high or above. This exam is administered after the study abroad and one semester before graduation.

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